Real Solitaire Pro for iPad App Reviews

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Fun but too hard to win!

I play Vegas style, and the settings are not realistic. It's too hard to win. Please, make the win percentage closer to reality. Also, could you please offer different color card decks? I get so tired of playing the blue backs all the time. Thanks!

Card game

Love it.

UPDATED 2018 - Almost All Programmed to LOSE...

Please remember this is an UPDATE to one of the better Solitaire games out there...USED TO BE!!!! SERIOUSLY READ THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS TOO! THE MORE YOU PLAY THE MORE LOSING HANDS ARE DEALT! EVENTUALLY ALMOST EVERY DEAL IS UNWINNABLE. LIKELY TO MAKE YOU SWITCH TO THE NEW "AD" VERSION. THE UNBOLDED FOLLOWING WAS MY PREVIOUS REVIEW, MAYBE NOW THEY WILL NOTICE AND SIMPLY MAKE IT RANDOM DEALS. IF THEY DENY MORE UNWINNABLE GAMES I WILL PERSONALLY POST A HALF HOUR LONG OF THE MOST UNUSUAL START DEALS, UNWINNABLE GAMES IN A ROW. DEALS LIKE THIS WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE SO MANY TIMES IN A ROW. AND OTHER REVIEWERS NOTED THE SAME THING. SHAME ON THEM FOR REWARDING PAYING CUSTOMERS WITH THIS. HERE IS THE ORIGINAL POST...This was a Favorite. Relaxing, etc...I played it since it's release and could win 7 or 8 out of 10 games with a random deal. Now after some updates I get unwinnable deals 8 out of 10 deals. Unwinnable games no matter how you play them because of key cards buried. 8 out of 10 games now? Not even fun anymore. And all I want is a random deal. And Wow, updating and adding features to keep an old game fresh would be nice also. The more you play, the more programmed losing games are dealt, remember, this used to be a Favorite, but likely a prank by the developers as a sick money costing joke. When you first play, random deals and fair, after a while? Completely non random hands are dealt, over and over again...App Store should remove it. Go ahead, play it for a while, then just keep hitting redeal over and over and you will the other reviewer said, the deals could not possibly be random. They might have gone out of Business since so many loyal fans have noticed the NEW NON-Random deals like 4 of a kind in a row right off the deal? Several times in a row? They should be ashamed of doing this to their loyal Fans...A 5 Star Game reduced to just Awful...

Two busy playing my next game!

Tee Tee By

Want more animated backgrounds!

Love playing this game but more animated backgrounds would push it over the top. How about some animated winter and Independence Day backgrounds?

Don’t win that often

I like this version of solitaire because it’s a little challenging.

Great game!

I have tried other games of solitaire, and this one works so well and flows easily and I love using it. I highly rated recommend this without the ads.

Great Game

Nice way to relax!

Love it

Only one complaint... I play it too often :) I love this App! I can’t wait to get REALLY great at it to WOW my neighbors! Thanks for making this incredible game. All the best! Steven

Best solitaire for me!

This is my favorite solitaire; it does everything I want and even lets me know that I cannot win under a given set of conditions. I almost always play the Halloween motif so please spend some time enhancing that house and its surroundings. But keep the game itself as-is.

The best!

I am a big fan of the animated background graphics. Would love to see many more added.please add much mor animation.

Love it.

The Halloween theme is beautiful!bes l jonybI’m there

I love this game!

I had played this game a while when I decided to look at some of the game settings. Halloween is the best! There are so many things going on, and erie sound effects as well. Christmas is also fun, but not as busy. If you try this particular game, be sure to explore.

Best Solitare...

My favorite solitaire game! I like that you can change the cards and background.

Very good product

It is better than newer versions.

I love it!

I play it all the time. I am currently at 45% wins/losses, maximum consecutive wins 23, maximum consecutive losses 35. Obviously, this is an obsession! I would rate it 5stars, but there is an error in the internals. Every so often I get an ace pop up in the stack on the second or subsequent pass through. I suspect this happens with other cards too, but I am certain of the aces.

Good - - but...

It does just what it is intended to - kill a little time.

I love the game

It makes you exercise your brain

Great Visuals and Screens, But...

The clarity and crispness of the cards and the beautiful background pictures are truly amazing, but... the games portrayed get repeated. There are tens of thousands of different combinations of cards, but some hands are repeated. It is annoying to have the same cards show up. On my list of top scores, the lowest number is 730 as I play frequently. I wish more card hands would be added to the mix and I’d rate it a 5!

Playing with grandson

I have a terrific photo of my grandson as backing, so it’s like I’m playing solitaire with his help!

Great game

No ads, able to define a custom background. Only complaint is that it seems to deal hands that can’t be solved very often, one right after another.


Needs some work

A real way to waste time.

This app is addictive.

Play it everyday

Love the game in every way, thank you

My Favorite Game!!

Have played Solitaire since I was young, way before computers. Now still enjoying my Solitaire on my IPad. I checked out a lot of different apps. and this is without a doubt my favorite one. The only thing is that I wished there were more backgrounds! Love the ones you have on here too, just wished there were more. Thank you for such a pretty and original version.


Review good. JWB


Need average score of won games

Daily free puzzle

I do not like the second puzzle where it says “watch and play”. I don’t want to have to watch ads or advertisements of other games to download.

Fun and relaxing

To spend time having fun and relaxing at the same time.


Play it everyday.

Go fo it now

Here’s the best solitaire game I’ve 5-star. Get going now and you’ll agree!

Hints Not Right

When there are no moves left Hints should say “No moves left”.

Latest up date

I guess my Real Solitaire Pro has recently updated. The “improvements” are terrible. The cards have to do a little dance when they are moved. Also, the slightest touch on the pile of cards will cause, not one, but two or three cards at lightning speed. These changes make a game I used to really like a new game that sits in my iPad never being used. Somehow, my old solitaire has returned. I don’t understand that happened. I don’t believe it actually updated, but it seems to have done so. What the hell happened. Nevertheless I am happy to have my old familiar Solitaire back!

Update jinxed

App keeps closing since latest update.

Easter theme

The new Easter theme is great! But there isn’t enough contrast with the numbers and suits on the cards. It looks faded and is difficult to see. I realize that may have been a design decision for aesthetics but it’s not usable in my opinion. Great overall app!

The go-to Solitaire app!

With this update the best Solitaire app got better!



A little disappointed

The “hint” function suggests useless moves.

I love playing the game

I love playing the game when I’m just sitting around doing nothing special. The game keep the mind sharp.


I spend too much time playing. It’s addictive. Maybe that’s not a good thing.


We really like this game. The background settings are fun too. Thank you!

Great Fun

I must be enjoying it as I’m cussing like mad

Problem with the games

I have been playing this game for a long time but now either deals me hand right off the back with no charge to win or just I don't win after 70 games + still no win I give up and I paid for this games no fun if you don't once I a while

Great App

Graphic are very well done.

Unwanted app reminder in dock

Why does this app now show up as a reminder in my dock? I don’t need a reminder to play solitaire, I DON’T WANT a reminder to play solitaire, I did not select this option, and I can find no way to turn it off. Since I have not permitted notifications, this seems to violate not only my privacy, but probably the app standards of Apple. Please get rid of this “feature” immediately!

Best Solitaire Program...

Best solitaire program I’ve tried. Controls are simple and make sense, so is the game play. The look is great too!

Great Game

It is a great little game, it is very addictive, and I enjoy it.

My everyday game!

If I don't play this game everyday I go into withdrawals. I am 59 years old and I just love to play a game where you don't have to think much still keeps the brain thinking.


I've tried many solitaire games and this is rhe one I keep coming back to.

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