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Latest up date

I guess my Real Solitaire Pro has recently updated. The “improvements” are terrible. The cards have to do a little dance when they are moved. Also, the slightest touch on the pile of cards will cause, not one, but two or three cards at lightning speed. These changes make a game I used to really like a new game that sits in my iPad never being used. Somehow, my old solitaire has returned. I don’t understand that happened. I don’t believe it actually updated, but it seems to have done so. What the hell happened. Nevertheless I am happy to have my old familiar Solitaire back!

Update jinxed

App keeps closing since latest update.

Easter theme

The new Easter theme is great! But there isn’t enough contrast with the numbers and suits on the cards. It looks faded and is difficult to see. I realize that may have been a design decision for aesthetics but it’s not usable in my opinion. Great overall app!

The go-to Solitaire app!

With this update the best Solitaire app got better!



A little disappointed

The “hint” function suggests useless moves.

I love playing the game

I love playing the game when I’m just sitting around doing nothing special. The game keep the mind sharp.


I spend too much time playing. It’s addictive. Maybe that’s not a good thing.


We really like this game. The background settings are fun too. Thank you!

Great Fun

I must be enjoying it as I’m cussing like mad

Problem with the games

I have been playing this game for a long time but now either deals me hand right off the back with no charge to win or just I don't win after 70 games + still no win I give up and I paid for this games no fun if you don't once I a while

Great App

Graphic are very well done.

Unwanted app reminder in dock

Why does this app now show up as a reminder in my dock? I don’t need a reminder to play solitaire, I DON’T WANT a reminder to play solitaire, I did not select this option, and I can find no way to turn it off. Since I have not permitted notifications, this seems to violate not only my privacy, but probably the app standards of Apple. Please get rid of this “feature” immediately!

Best Solitaire Program...

Best solitaire program I’ve tried. Controls are simple and make sense, so is the game play. The look is great too!

Great Game

It is a great little game, it is very addictive, and I enjoy it.

My everyday game!

If I don't play this game everyday I go into withdrawals. I am 59 years old and I just love to play a game where you don't have to think much still keeps the brain thinking.


I've tried many solitaire games and this is rhe one I keep coming back to.

Great classic game

Enjoy the graphics and ease of play.

Always my favorite, but!

I have been playing Real Solitaire for as long as I have an iPad. It helps me pass time and it is something I can put down if something comes up and I have to take care of. But I just hate the new look I’m forced to use. Horrible colors for the cards.

Easy to navigate

Very dynamic, a lot of gameplay configurations and themes

Enjoyment & Relaxation

I really enjoy playing this particular Solitaire. It is easy, enjoyable and very entertaining. I only wish they offered more background and card backs according to all the seasons and all the holidays.

Miss the black cat

Fun but bring back the black cat in the window. Love the sound effects

Love it !!!!

Love it !!!


A day usually doesn't go by without playing 4-5 games. The dinging sound it makes when you win drives my wife nuts so I turn it all the sway up😈

For lefties

Made for left handed players. Older versions allowed you to draw cards from the right side. If you draw from left with right hand, you cover screen with right hand.

Great game!

Works smoothly, and I love the "not winnable" feature! Fun visual varieties on background and card backs.

Great game!!!!!!

Play this game everyday without a glitch. The best solitaire game out there!

Real Solitaire for iPad

This has been my favorite app for over 5 years now. It's very relaxing, Love it. Wish you guys would make a black jack app.

Love Your Solitare

Love You Background & Cards For Halloween & Christmas!!! Would Love To See Other Holidays Like Thanksgiving or Easter! How About The 4th of July?


Not at this time.

Entertaining game but predictable.

Good time waster but does not seem to be totally random in the way the cards are set up and revealed. Way too often you will get all four of a particular card value revealed very quickly, such as four sevens or four jacks. If you were to shuffle a real deck of cards and play, this phenomenon would not be nearly so common.

Nice upgrades, took long enough

After 3 years they finally gave some additional backgrounds and a new card face . I guess it will be another 3 years for any more enhancements

Great for idle time

I often play three games to clear my head for then next whatever. Nice feature allow you to change the background Picture. Currently I have a photo of a canal from a bridge in Amsterdam.


A great classic game !!!

Best solitaire for me!

This is my favorite solitaire; it does everything I want and even lets me know that I cannot win under a given set of conditions. I almost always play the Halloween motif so please spend some time enhancing that house and its surroundings. But keep the fame itself as-is.

Bad upgrade(6-2017). Dependable upgrade (7-2017)

Since upgrade, very unstable. It disconnects upon starting a deal. Not worth the money! Latest upgrade (7-2017)is more stable and worth the money!

Disappointed with recent update

I've been a fan of this app for years, but 3.6 is not an improvement. The graphics are garish and the animation jerky. What's with the nag screen to rate the app? When I pay for an app I don't expect to be nagged.

Lost my previous scores

Lost my previous scores


Very user friendly. Thank you.

Super hard to win

Just want to relax and enjoy a game or two, but this game is so hard to win it's too stressful.


I is an addiction I am unable to break.

Current version

This current version is very jerky and not near as smooth acting as the former version. I thought it was my iPad so I deleted the app & then reinstalled it only to find that it is the game and saw other reviews. I was disappointed in that I lost all my statistical data.

Favorite App

This is one of my favorite Apps and I use it on long flights and just to chill out in the evening, very relaxing.

One of my favorites pass times.

Love to play to relax.

Upgrade terrible. Crashes repeatedly.

This new upgrade is the worst. Crashes constantly. Can't finish a game.

Version 3.4 not as smooth as previous versions

The card motion seems a bit jerky, which I find distracting. Update: Newer version, 3.6, fixed the motion problem. Thanks!

2015 Christmas

The new changes are nice EXCEPT, I do NOT like the lights going off on the trees. I prefer they just wink and blink.🎄 Merry Christmas Just downloaded the newest version. I like the game BUT the card movements are now very jerky and not smooth like they were. Almost makes me nauseous watching them. Can this be fixed? I also for got to add that, with this new version, every time I take on of my photos for the backgound, it disappears when I sign out of the game. Every time. Really wish I had not down loaded the new version. Ok, I think you might have fixed that jerky movement. Thank you

Unplayable After the Update

After the two updates the program is very slow and choppy


This is crashing. Cannot play a game. Help Thank you for fixing the crash. I tried some of the wallpapers and different cards. The best for me was the black background and cards when you updated. Now I cannot find a way to get back to that. Help


This version seems very slow and almost jittery. I liked the older version better

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